water for color chart
  • Does anyone know how much water is assumed for the mixing chart? The instructions for immersion dying lists 3 gallons, but I usually use LWI so 3 gallons is WAY more that I would ever use. And it seems like a lot of water for only 1 TBS of dye powder.

  • Hi,
    The quantities are recommended for dyeing by weight and 3 gallons will yield a full concentration result foer approximately 1lbs of fabric. Scale back accordingly with dye to water ratio. i.e. 1/3 tablespoon to 1 gallon etc. until you get to the volume appropriate for your project.
  • So with regards to Low Water Immersion, what level of water does Jacquard recommend?
  • Because low water immersion is generally used to create a specific effect decided by the user we don't make a recommendation.

    When I am using LWI I generally use enough water to just cover the fabric in a pan of a size which allows me to bunch the fabric. Hope that helps