Pearl ex on painted polymer clay
  • So I just discovered pearl ex and it's great.
    Only problem is i use super sculpey and paint my sculptures.
    I tested and if you add it then spray a sealer on it tends to wash it out a bit.

    So what I want to know is this. Can you bake painted sculpey?
    I really just mean at a low heat enough to bake in the pearl ex.
  • Hello,
    Pearl-ex will withstand the baking temps of the clay. the polymer on the surface of the clay should hold the Pearl-ex on there. varnish afterwards if needed.
  • I do understand about using pearl ex on polymer clay.

    The problem here is that I use raw clay and paint it after. So I want to add the pearl ex then bake it into the painted surface.

    I've done some experimenting and you can bake acrylic paint. You just have to let it dry overnight and not bake it at too high a temperature. It tends to brown the lighter colours.

    I've discovered that if you bake it at about 212 F or 100 c for 15-30 minutes it bakes in the pearl ex a bit more without damaging the paint.

    After I use a spray varnish so instead of a direct spray I do the first coat from a distance and let it fall on the surface gently.
  • If the pearl ex is coming off after baking, does this mean I put too much on the polymer? I like the effect but am afraid to start mucking around with it--if I take too much pearl ex off, then the contrast between the black clay and the gold pearl ex begins to disappear. Help!
  • You can also put the Pearl Ex on after baking. According to what I have read, Perfect Pearl is more permanent and might be your best best without 'fixing' it.
  • Hi,
    If you apply it in a varnish you can.