Tie Dying with iDyes?
  • Can this be done successfully? And if so...what ratio of water to dye should I use to ensure a good rich color? Immediate answers would be welcomed as I am racing to get Christmas presents done :eek: ! Thanks
  • i am planning to do this as well .did you try it? results?
    i wish someone had responded. i am doing a poly wedding dress
    i plan to make dye as if it was regular dye i will wet garment fold, then direct dye then steam. i plan for no fixative . i hope i hear from you .i would love to know what happened.
  • Tie Dyeing with the iDye poly is a bit tricky as it is very important to achieve the high temperatures available only with dyeing in a pot on a heat source. One could use a low water immersion method, carefully, as you'd want to ensure that the water did not completely evaporate and allow the fabric to scorch. It would be necessary to predissovle the iDye and then pour that over the fabric/clothing with enough water to ensure that the entire piece is well wetted. Paula Burch discusses low water immersion on her site, using Procion MX dyes - one could use a similar method keeping in mind that it would be necessary to maintain a heat source under the dye pot.
    And just as a caveat - I personally haven't tried this method, so don't know just how it will work out, so I'd suggest a trial run with something you arn't terribly invested in.