satin fabric
  • I have attempted to dye a (white) satin dress dark brown using and following driections for Rit dark brown dye in the washing machine. The dress is not close to being a dark brown.

    What options exist to dye an already dyed (not succesfully) satin dress.

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    If it is 100% silk satin then acid dye is the best dye to use. You can dye the dress in the washing machine.

    If it has cellulous fiber such as rayon or cotton in it and no polyester then use MX.

    If it has polyester in it or is 100% poly we don't have a dye for that material. Sorry!

  • There isn't a tag on the dress to determine the type of satin.

    Can the lack of results with Rit dye help make an educated guess of the type of satin?

    Which would help to determine which of the listed options of Jacquard products (acid dye or MX dye) would be effective?

    Thank you for your help in making an educated guess on the type of satin.

  • Hi,
    It is highly likely that the dress has some polyester in it and that is why it didn't dye but without seeing it there is no way for me to be sure. A simple test to determine fiber type is to cut a small piece of fabric from the inside of the hem or somewhere it won't be seen and burn it with a lighter or match. If it melts it's a poly or similar synthetic. If it disintegrates similar to cigarette ash then it is probably a natural fiber. Silk will have a smell like burning hair when lit.
    Procion MX is a good cold water dye for all natural fibers. For silk, wool, nylon and feathers Acid Dye is best; this is a hot water dye.