screen printing on silk
  • Can I silk screen the metallic water-based resist on silk? If so, how do I keep the resist from drying on the screen and destroying it? Also, what screen count do I need to use, and how much detail is possible with this method? Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Yes you can screen print the resist onto the silk it is at the correct consistency for that. 110T per inch or 43T per cm mesh should work fine.

    To stop it drying you could try adding a small amount of retarder to it. Golden artist colors or Liquitex make one. But I would do a test first with this. Otherwise print quickly and flood the screen between prints with resist thus placing a barrier of resist between the mesh and the air. You may also be able to mist the flooded screen with a little water to help keep it open.

  • Thanks...I needed some input before I invested.