Heat setting when using resist medium on fabric
  • I hope i'm in the right category! :)

    I am using Crafter's Pick, Batik-Ez resist medium on the fabric...painting small designs with it, then using Dye-Na-Flow over the entire surface. The resist, when washed out, will leave white designs.
    How do i heat set the dye with the resist still on the fabric?
    Thanks for any help!
  • Hi there,

    From what I could read about this product on the internet, it seems to me as if you should be able to simply heat set the Dye-Na-Flow per the instructions and then rinse the resist medium out as instructed.
    Allowing the Dye-Na-Flow to dry at least 24 hours prior to the heat setting will help ensure excellent bonding to the fabric.
    Alternatively, you can use AirFix with the Dye-Na-Flow which eliminates the need for heat setting (again, allowing all to dye for 24 hours prior to rinsing).