Dyeing a 100% Polyester coat-blue came out more periwinkle
  • I purchased a white 100% polyester coat with the hopes of dyeing it royal blue. Last night I set to work. I made sure the water in my pot reached over 180 degrees before inserting the iDye Poly Blue. Following the instructions I added my prewetted fabric and continued to let the temperature rise while stirring for around an hour. After washing and letting the coat dry overnight, the coat is more of a light periwinkle color than the royal blue I was hoping for.

    Unfortunately I don't have any pictures currently, but I can upload some later tonight. My thoughts are than since the coat is a 3/4 length tuxedo style coat that one packet of iDye Poly was not enough and that's what lead to the lighter color.

    If I were to go and pick up 2 more packets of iDye Poly tonight and attempt to redye the coat, would this be my best bet to achieve the correct color?
  • Hello Socko,

    I suspect your assessment of the results is accurate. You may not need an additional 2 packets of the iDye Poly - one may be sufficient to achieve the color you are aiming for.

  • Thank you! I wasn't sure how the dye would react over the existing dye, so I'll go with one additional packet. I'll be sure to update with pictures later!
  • We'd love to see your results!