100% cotton white duvet
  • I am trying to get a true deep black on an all white cotton duvet. I used idye black in the washing machine and got a pretty purple. I really want to get a deep black. Its a king size approx 4 lbs. so do I stick with idye natural, or what does everyone suggest.

    thank you
  • Hi Tracey,

    The iDye Black really likes the temperature to be quite hot to get to the nice deep black you are looking for and most washing machines/hot water heaters don't reach the temperature necessary to get there.
    If you are able, I'd recommend sticking with the iDye Black and using the stove top method. You'll be delighted!
    If that doesn't work for you for some reason you might want to consider using the Procion MX dyes. I'd still recommend a tub dye rather than washing machine dye as you'll have more control over the amount of water, but with the Procion MX you'll not need the higher temperatures.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Thanks Annette. This is a king size duvet, I don't have a pot large enough for that, can i put it in the sink and add water, or other suggestions?
  • Another question, if I use idye again, how much should I use for a deep black, as I said its a king size and weighs approx 4 lbs. Thanksa again
  • Hi Tracey,

    You could try a tub or sink (if the porcelain in the sink is old you could get some staining) and use pots of very very hot water. That could get you closer to the black.
    With the amount of fabric you are dyeing you'll want to use at least two packets of the dye to get to the dark black.

    hope this helps