Re-Dyeing Damask fabric
  • I am working on a historical costume and have found the perfect pattern fabric (Queen's Gate - Cypress from Michael Handler, but the color is too faded for the particulars of the costume. I need a stronger green (though not too dark). The fabric is 73% cotton and 27% polyester. Is it at all conceivable to dye this fabric to get a more distinct green? And if so, is it something that a beginner can handle? As a secondary option, the similar Juliet pattern ( is a pale natural-sort of color and is 100% silk. Would this be any better/easier?
  • You have a couple of options here. If you choose to go with the cotton/poly blend you could use the iDye products. There is the iDye for natural fabrics and iDyePoly - you'd use these together. If it's the silk you decide on the Acid dyes would be what you'd want to use. Take a look at the pages for these products and let us know if you have other questions.

  • So, the fact that these fabrics were already dyed will not affect the Jacquard dyeing process?
  • You can overdye fabric that is already dyed, and the new color will combine with the old, since dye is transparent. However, you can't dye either of the two fabrics you're looking at, because both are labeled dry clean only.

  • good catch, Paula!