Concern about SPAM
  • Hi, I am new to these forums and am concerned about the spam I see on most of them. Our private email addresses are safe from these guys, right? Is there no way of deleting spam posts so we don't have to wade through them looking for Jacquard dye related postings? Or better yet, not letting them get as far as the forums? I take it these forums are un-moderated.
  • Hi,
    No our forum is moderated. SPAM is a constant problem on most website forums unfortunately. We as moderators physically remove the offending messages as soon as we see them posted and try to prevent them from interfering with your enjoyment of the site where ever possible. Hopefully you should not have to wade through too many messages to get to the discussion topics of interest to you. We hope you continue to visit our forum and contribute to its success.
  • I would not object to having to re-register using one of those hard-to-read thingies that spambots can't read if that's what it took to get this stuff off the forums. It's one of the reasons I haven't been here much lately. :(
  • Hi,

    The webmaster does read this section and I am sure will take your concern and suggestions under consideration.

    Thanks for your input.

  • Good to know, 'cause "EWWWWWW!" That stuff starts showing up within an hour after the last removal sometimes! :eek:
  • It's become clear that it is impossible to run a forum without either hand-approving members or posts, or using some sort of CAPTCHA. There is no way to stay ahead of the porn that keeps getting posted if you let spambots register and post without your intervention. If you don't want to make people prove that they're human before they are allowed to post, as I do on my forum, then you must hold all posts from new members until you have had a chance to approve them for being at least marginally suitable for the forum.

    There were twenty spam messages when I checked this forum this morning. The most annoying ones are posted as follow-ups to an existing thread, so I see an interesting topic title and known thread originator, click through, and then regret doing so. There's almost never a time when I check this forum when there is not something extremely inappropriate posted. If I were reading from work, I'd have to avoid this forum altogether to avoid getting in trouble for looking at porn, when I don't even want to see it in the first place.

  • OK, as of the last time I looked, the ENTIRE first page of "Immersion Dyeing" was nothing but SPAM!!!!!

    'Nuff said! :)
  • hi y'all,

    Thanks for all the input on the spam issue. We are aware that we are in the midst of a particularly intense wave of spam right now and are trying to stay right on it.
    We generally moderate during business hours, but because of this increase in activity we will begin checking during off hours as well. We are also looking into the option of using a CAPTCHA program or prescreening all posts. We are slightly hampered in this process due to a very recent move of our server, but do want to let you all know that we are working on it!

  • I hope your group manages to do something about the spambots posting on your forum soon. It's completely unusable now at any time of the day when my kids might walk by my computer. The porn spam your system allows is just too offensive; I don't want to have to answer their questions about what those awful subject lines mean. After-the-fact moderating is not nearly sufficient.

  • Hello All,

    We are in the process of converting our Forum which will prevent the assaults from the spam bots. It looks like it will take a bit more time for us to get this all in place (upgrades, switchovers, time-space continuum), but please be assured we are working on it.

  • Dear All,

    We are (OH, SO VERY) pleased to tell you that we have at long last created a way to thwart the spam bots.