Mixing blue and black to get a dark blue.
  • When trying to get a dark blue I've mixed blue and black together with other dyes but have never used this brand before. Has anyone does this? Is the navy blue pretty dark already?
  • A lot of it will depend on which blue you're mixing with the black. I get vastly different results by mixing jet black and medium blue than I do when mixing jet black and turquoise.

    The navy is pretty dark, but it's a mix that also has some fuschia in it, so it's a slightly more purple shade of deep blue.

    You could try mixing your turquoise with a bit of fuschia before mixing with the black and see if that makes a shade you like.
  • What kind of dye are you talking about, charitylread? It makes a big difference whether you're talking about Procion MX dyes or acid dyes or iDye, all of which include navies, and all of which are made by Jacquard Products, the owners of this forum.

  • I bought iDye navy and iDye black. I plan to use them on a 100% cotton jacket. I figure my results will be dark blue and not black.