Mixing powered dye
  • Today I bought some Procion mx dye ( 050 deep purple ) and the jar say's to mix 2 tsps. to 8ozs. of water. This looks like a lot compared to the pre-mixed bottles in the kits ! Is this the correct amount ? Thank's ...Jim
  • Actually, that's not too far off what I often mix in my condiment squeeze bottles, a teaspoon or two, sometimes more (especially for black), depending on the depth of color I'm looking for.

    A word to the wise, though: I got "Deep Purple" expecting it to come out "Purple" and I ended up with something I'd call "Mulberry" instead. If you want a nice bluish purple, you may need to add some turquoise to it. Also, make sure that you give it LOTS of time to "batch," or set after you add the dye, and make sure it's over 70F degrees; turquoise in particular tends to take longer to set than other colors, so if it hasn't completely reacted with the soda ash and fabric fibers, it'll wash out and leave you with something that really doesn't look so different from Fuschia.

    Ahhh, the things we learn the hard way. :rolleyes:
  • Thanks Deb... The reason I was wondering is that it is a small bottle (that's all they had ) and it looks like that's all that's in the bottle ( 2 tsps ). I've always used the warm water but will make sure to let it set up for a while. Thanks again...Jim