Dyeing blue jeans
  • Hey there! I am a new dyer and wanted some tips to dyeing a pair of blue jeans to brown using idye poly and idye. Should I strip the blue color first and then dye it brown? Any other tips? Thank you!
  • What fiber are your jeans made of? You will get better and more permanent results on cotton with Procion MX dyes than with iDye.

  • The jeans are 98% cotton and 2% elastin. Any tips?
  • Elastane, or spandex, is very heat-sensitive, so it should not be used with hot-water dyes, such as iDye. Furthermore, since your jeans do not contain polyester, there is no reason to use iDye Poly. You will get best results by using a cold water fiber reactive dye, such as Procion MX dye. Procion MX dye gives longer-lasting results than iDye, anyway. iDye will fade much sooner than Procion MX dyes will.

    You will not be able to strip the color from your jeans before you dye them. Any color you choose must be darker than the existing color in order to have any hope of covering it up. A very dark brown might work. Be sure to use a lot of dye when dyeing a dark color, two to four times as much dye as you would use for a light color.

    Most garments can be lightened in color, before dyeing, with a reducing-type discharge agent, such as Jacquard Color Remover (thiourea dioxide) or Rit Color Remover (sodium dithionite), but you cannot use either of these chemicals to remove the blue indigo dye from jeans. Indigo is a vat dye, so it has a different chemistry from other dyes and cannot be satisfactorily removed with a reducing agent. 100% cotton jeans can be lightened in color before dyeing by the use of chlorine bleach (hypochlorite), but you should avoid using chlorine bleach on all fabrics that contain any synthetic fibers, especially spandex or elastane. Chlorine bleach will destory spandex, causing the fabric to develop holes.

  • Wow! Thank you so much for the information. Where can I buy the products you suggested. A what can I use the idye and idye poly on other than jeans?