Dyeing boiled wool yardage in washer?
  • Hi, I purchased 2+ yards of an Italian boiled wool, and I decided the color (very bright tomato red) is too bright. Can anyone advise me on how to tone this down, either by making it a darker red or possibly a brick or brownish red. I will be using my top-loading washer. I am a little confused about which dye to use, as I don't think hot water is good for the wool. I was looking at iDye, but realized it requires hotter temperatures. Is Procion MX best for this? TIA
  • Hi,
    Acid dye is the best for wool. You could dye it darker red or add it to a dilute brown bath to tone it down a bit.
  • Thanks Celia. I looked at that product and it says it's a hot water dye. I'm not sure I want to put my wool in hot water. Will this dye work in tepid water? Thanks a lot for your help.
  • It is perfectly okay to put your wool in hot water, and it is required to set acid dyes. What you do NOT want to do is "shock" the wool with sudden temperature changes. In other words, do not move your wool directly from a simmering dye bath to a cold water rinse. Turn the heat off and allow the dye bath to cool to room temperature before removing your wool.