What iDye Poly Turns Baby Blue?
  • Hey there! I'm looking to dye a cream polyester dress a light baby blue. Can you recommend which color I should use? I already purchased the iDye Poly 451 Blue and it wasn't anything close to a baby blue, even when I diluted the dye to make it lighter. I've attached a link of a picture of the color blue I'm trying to achieve. Thank you!!

  • So sorry to have missed your note to me at the Forums – we’ve had such a bad run of spam there that it’s been a bear to keep up with it all and as a result real questions are getting missed.
    To your question: I took a look at the image you sent – that’s a beautiful color! Can you give me an idea what color you ended up with the diluted bath? How much dye did you use? What is the weight of the garment?
    I’m thinking you might want to use a combo of the #459 Turquoise and tone that just a bit with the #451 Blue – that could work to give the Turquoise that softer, dusky tone I’m seeing in the dress in the image. It wouldn’t take much of either I suspect. Let me know how much the garment weighs and I can make better suggestions regarding quantity of dye.

    Again, sorry to have missed your post to the Forum!
  • Hi, relientkayla and anet. I am trying to dye a prom/maybe wedding? dress light blue as well - but the traditional Cinderella light blue (I'm making a Cinderella costume - old Cinderella, not the new one). This might be a little tricky as the dress is really old - I bought it at a second hand store and it doesn't even have tags for fabric content - that's how old! :) I can also tell it's really old, as it has a paper size 10 tag in it and fits my size 0/2 daughter! Anyway, the reason for all that is that I'm guessing on fabric content - thinking polyester, very light, sheer polyester over an acetate lining. It also has embroidery all over it (could be polyester or cotton - which could be problematic if it's cotton, I suspect it will hog the dye and be much darker than the polyester?) So, if I destroy it, no biggie, it was very cheap - but it's the perfect Cinderella dress if I can make it work! So, any suggestions on getting Cinderella to the ball (in light blue) would be so appreciated! Thanks for starting the thread, kayla!
  • One addendum as I look at pictures... if I simply use the turquois, how long should I keep it in to achieve the light color? Or will it be too turquois without using some of the more navy color? Can you check color when it's wet? Sorry for so many questions. I would love it if this works! Thanks again!
  • Dear Kayla,

    shooting for specific colors is always tricky. In this case it is especially so as we aren't certain of the fabric content.
    If we go with the assumption that the fabric is polyester I'd shoot for a very light solution of the 451 Blue iDye Poly. Pre-dissolve the dye in a quart of very hot water and then use only 1/4 to 1/2 of the solution following the directions on the inside of the packet. If the embroidery is cotton it won't pick the dye up at all (though it may stain a bit), if it is polyester it might pick up the dye at a different rate than the other fabric - not all polyesters take dyes in the same way.
    It is a little bit of a gamble all around, but the possibility of ending up with a lovely little dress is definitely there.


  • We have the new poly colors and you can get a baby blue with 1/4-1/2 a packet of Turquoise. Even less if you want a really light blue.