Acid dye color adjustment
  • Hello,
    I finally found a dye to color my 1/8" thick 50/50 wool and polyester felt, I am using the acid dye. My problem is that I am finding some of the colors way too dark and not the shade I want. Is there any sort of color chart for tweaking the colors of the acid dyes? The salmon comes out a deep bright orange for me.. I want a nice mellow pastel shade and cutting back on the dye does not really do it, I need a softer version of this.
    I know there are color charts for other dyes, why not the acid?
  • I'm surprised you're having problems with colors that are too dark, because of the fact that the 50% of the felt that is polyester will not take the acid dyes. When people dye polyester fiber blends using dyes meant for natural fibers, the usual complaint is that the colors are too pale, after the excess unattached dye has all been rinsed out.

    The general rule I've worked out with fiber reactive dyes (not acid dyes) is that if a certain amount of dye gives a deep strong color, use only one-tenth as much for a delicate pastel version of the same hue. Probably a good rule for your situation, as well.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I am also surprised by the nice reaction the wool/poly blend has had to the acid dye. I get a really nice solid color with just small flecks of lighter color.
    I will try a much smaller dose of dye. I have been using 1/4 tsp. for a gallon of water and putting samples in there. On the larger batches I use 1 tsp. for 4 gallons and that gives me a nice deep color.
    Also... what happens if I just take the fabric out before the 1/2 hour of cooking? is lighter at the beginning.