Red Label silk dye for poly/spandex??
  • I need to dye fabric for a dance team costume--it is 88%polyester and 12% spandex--I've read the posts about the idye poly and the concerns about the heat required ruining the fabric--I am thinking, if I spilled the dye by accident on this fabric it for sure would stain, so wouldn't it work to just soak it in the dye??? Help! Cindy
  • For coloring a polyester/spandex blend, you'll do much better to use a fabric paint, such as Dye-na-Flow, instead of dye.

  • Thanks Paula- won't the paint take away the stretchability of the fabric?
    or can I dilute the paint enough to just soak the fabric in it?
    so much to learn. cindy
  • Good fabric paint will not harm the fabric's stretchiness. Too much high heat will. See How to Dye Spandex on my website.

    You can dilute Dye-na-Flow with up to 25% as much water, e.g. up to one-quarter cup of water for an 8-ounce jar.

  • I am on my way to your site now! My 25 yards of fabric and I thank you! Cindy
  • When using dye na flo to cover an entire pattern piece (before sewing), does it need to be painted on or can the fabric be dipped in it?
  • I also need to dye fabric for costume. I purchased red spandex (nylon /spandex) I need to fade the red. I am looking for the old forgotten look! I have tried washing in bleach, direct bleach in washer with rinse and dryer. Nothing it still is as bright. Any suggestions? I thought of color remover or dying it a lighter color to soften the bright red. Please help if anyone has a suggestion.
  • Never use chlorine bleach on synthetic fibers such as nylon or spandex, because it damages the fibers and causes them to degrade. Thiox (Jacquard Color Remover) or sodium dithionite (Rit Color Remover) are safer for synthetic fibers and work well to lighten many dyes, but some dyes cannot be removed, no matter what you do.

    Overdyeing with a lighter color of dye will not help, because the bright color will show through the transparent dye. You could try pigment dyeing with a brown or beige color of fabric paint to dull down the red, but that will work only for making the color darker, not lighter.