1st time dying onesies
  • I am dying onesies for my grandson
    Prewashed with synthrapol and soda ash per instructions
    I plan to dye next week, do I dry in dryer or line dry??
  • Dry them however you usually do, but don't forget to presoak them in soda ash just before putting the dye on. It's a completely separate step from the soda ash you used already. The soda ash used in pre-scouring does not stay in the fabric and is used only for extra cleaning power.

    It is okay to line-dry garments after the soda ash presoaking step, but you probably don't want to bother with that for your first dyeing experience.

  • Drying them as I type
    Any words of wisdom to successful dyeing?
    We live in an apt so plan to do it out doors in pails
    I live in Beloit, WI
    Thanks, Kay
  • Depends. Are you looking for single-color finished products? If so, then buckets should be fine. I'm more into lots of colors myself, so I use condiment bottles in my laundry room, with towels under the garment to keep dye from running everywhere.

    Good luck with whatever you do!!!