Getting Dye to Dissolve
  • What can you do to make the dye dissolve better. I used hot water, boiling point and it did not all dissolve. I used distilled water with the acid dye. It was the cherry red. I know I read that some do not dissolve well but is there anything you can do to help it? I am sure there is something here on this site some place about it but haven't found it yet.

    I am doing ok on the dye part and happier with the results than I was at first, thanks for all your help.
  • some times it helps to paste the dye first and then add water to that.

  • yeah I sort of found that out after I wrote the question. I thought I read someplace that a teaspoon of alochol(spelling?) would help too, is that right?
  • 'rosa,

    yep, that is true - pasting with the alcohol works well to solubilize those the pesky resistant dyes. i'm glad you mentioned it here as it is good info for everyone.