Dyeing silk ribbon
  • New to this site. I bought some acid dyes and want to dye my own silk ribbon. The lady where I bought the silk ribbon and the dye said just to get the dye and dig in. I am a big chicken when it comes to something like this. I can not get my ribbon without ordering it and half the time it is on back order. I just want to have a supply of ribbon on hand but I know nothing at all about dyeing. The lady said I could mix the dye and then put it on with a foam brush, ok that is fine but how do I dry it and how do I set it and what about colors. I would love to do this but right now I feel a little overwhelmed about it all. Any suggestions on procedure or a book that I could get that would help me do the small amounts that I would like to do.
  • Have you spent any time at our instructions page? That is a very good place to start. I also recommend looking at Paula Burch's web site. She has lots of information and is a good source for other sites. You are also welcome to give us a call and we are happy to help.anet
  • Hi, Yes I have seen Paula Burch's web site and she did have something on there for dyeing silk ribbon. I can't get all the facts straight on the different kinds of dyes and all the procedures that there are, then there is all the color mixing on top of all of that. Paula Burch used the Procion MX to dye her ribbon. The dye I have is the Jacquard acid dye. I only got the smallest jars and just the primary colors. I did just three pieces of ribbon each about 18 inches long and used the foam brushes to apply it with. It was ok but I just used 1/8th of a teaspoon of dye to 1/4 cup of water. I was afarid to mix all of it up. What are the ratio's etc. for all of this. And how do you mix for the graduation in colors. I really need to get a color wheel. For quilting I just do what looks good to me and don't worry about the color but when dyeing you really need to know about color. Most of the information pages and the information I see does not give me the information that I need. I am not dyeing a pound of fabric only some silk ribbon. I would dye a whole spool of it but I am a bit skiddish at the moment. The three pieces that I did were ok but I didn't care for the application with the sponge brushes.
  • I tried dyeing some ribbon again this morning and it seemed to work better. I mixed a teaspoon of dye to 8 oz. of water and applied it with an artist's paint brush. I really liked the results much better than with the sponge brushes. Thanks anet for your help. Reading all the information was a help.
  • I'm glad you are getting results you are happy with...the Acid dyes are really pretty darn easy to use once you get the hang of them. One last suggestion, I know there are some great books out there on dying yarns and ribbon with the Acid dyes so it might be worth your while to browse your local libarary for books on dying.

  • anet, could you recommend one book that would be good. I bought one and it turned out to be not so good. I have to order just about everything here.
  • Good morning,

    Well, I couldn't narrow it down to one book, but here are some suggestions.
    Frabric Printing & Dying by David Green
    Synthetic Dyes - Natural Fibers by Linda Knutson
    Fabric Dyeing & Printing By Kate Wells
    The Yarn Lover's Guide to Hand Dyeing by Linda La Belle
    While none of these deals exclusively with Acid Dyes they all have good discussions on the use of those dyes.
    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you so much, I will ask my library too...