• I tried using the dyes in my washing machine and none of the dye took. I am dying wool that has all been washed. I even let the wool and dye soak in the washing machine but after the rinse cycle all the color was gone. I did it twice and even bought new vinegar. I hate to keep trying if it is not going to work and I bought several colors to over dye wool with. any suggestions?
  • I think you'll get better results by using Jacquard Acid Dyes, and/or by using the stovetop method. Wool dyes better at the hotter temperatures reached in the stovetop method. Washing machines typically reach only 120°F, which is pretty low for dyeing with any dye other than Procion MX dye.

    Are you sure that there is no acrylic or polyester in your wool?

  • Hi There,

    Frereplay, I think I spoke with you on the phone yesterday?...and told you you'd probably have better luck with the stove top method?
    I went ahead and took this question to our production manager and he ran a test strip - the results with the yellow dye did not produce a significant change in color. Further discussion with him suggests that while the iDye is a great dye for plant based fibers and silk many of the colors are not so great for wool.
    As Paula suggests, the Acid Dyes will give you terrific results and in terms of use on the stove top, are not any more difficult to use than the iDye.
    Frereplay, if you'd give me a call I'd like to discuss this a little further with you.