Tie dye for cotton/polyester
  • Hi, I am asking for help! I by mistake, got a few shirts to dye, and did, but when they came out, they were dingy and grey where it should have been black. So I looked at the tag, they are 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Now does anyone know if I need something else other than the soda ash? Please help I am a beginner! I guess the polyester in the shirt resists the dye, especially black. I did triple the amount of black, and let it set for 24 hrs. Anyone? Thanks for the help!
  • The polyester fibers are too smooth to take the dye, so no amount of dye is going to get in there. I'm so steamed at ACMoore and Michael's; at least they used to have cotton tees at Michael's (ironic as they don't sell ProcionMX dye but ACMoore does), and it was handy to just pick up a handful of shirts when I got the urge to dye something, but then they went all cotton/poly. (Now I go to Target - much nicer shirts, plus women's styles, and the Ultimate Tees are AWESOME!)

    Anyway, if you're desperate, you could use some fabric paint, depending on the effect you're trying for. I've also done some fabric painting of flowers and butterflies and stuff where my cotton-poly shirts came out kind of muddy; sort of used the half-dyed colors as a backdrop for something else.
  • You might also want to consider using iDye Poly to overdye your shirts.

  • You know where I been getting my shirts, is from the walgreens five for ten, so I didn't think that the 1x,3x,4x, etc...; would be any different from the rest. Huh well I will be more minful next time!
  • I am going to look into the idye. I don't know what it is so...:) I will check it out.