• I am very new to screen printing, and I am getting supplies. What type of ink is best for using on 100% cotton tshirts. I have seen acrylic and water-based ones, and I definitely won't use plastisol inks because of the completcated process and high heat involved. Also, what type of transperencies should do I use? Just ones used for classroom overheads? Lastly, can photo emulsion be removed from a screen if I screw up burning it.
    The list of stuff I will need:
    110 Screen
    Halogen Lamp
    Photo emulsion
    Scoop Coater

    anything else anyone can think of?
  • do i also need the special rack for which to lay the tshirt flat?
  • Hey there,

    You might just want to make your life very easy and consider purchasing the Jacquard Screen Ink Kit. Everything but the light source comes with (including a GREAT set of instructions) and it works great for fabric as well as many other surfaces.
    As for removing the photo emulsion - it can be removed and you'll find full instructions with the kit.

  • thing is i can buy the stuff cheaper online seperatly
  • what type of emusion should i use?
  • If you are going to use water based inks make sure you use water based emulsion. If you need help getting this type of emulsion let me know. I can help with either solvent or water resistant direct apply emulsion's.