Dye shade Q
  • Hello again, I'm back with another question.

    I was playing around with my cream mohair and Spruce Jacquard Acid dye again. I did a test to see what would happen if the fabric was half in the dye and half out of it. I really wanted to have a cream to light green to dark green effect but actually got cream to some sort of blue colour to dark green. Is this because the Spruce dye is a mix or just because of the wierd the way I dyed it?

    If I try with a different colour dye (not a mix) will it do the same thing or will I get the look I want (ie a lighter shade of the same colour in the middle)?

    Thanks for your time


  • Hey Lisa,

    Good question! The way I understand it the reason you got the blue in the transition place does have to do with the fact that the Spruce is a mixed color. One way to deal with this is to embrace the randomness image . Alternatively, you can stick with the unmixed colors and you'll get the dark to light to original transition you were looking for. You can find tech information for the Acid dyes here.

  • Anet,

    Aha! Thanks for confirming my suspicion. This world is all new to me, I'll get there in the end.... I hope. lol!

    I'm a great fan of randomness so I'll find a use for the bit of fabric I've dyed already.

    Off to study the tech info now. ;)