Super Opaque White needs thinning--Flowable Extender?
  • My Jacquard super opaque white has gotten a bit thick and I wonder what the very best thing to thin it with is; I have some Neopaque flowable extender, I have GAC 900, I have various other acrylic media; and then there's water.

    I want to preserve the ultra opaque quality as much as possible.
  • Hi,
    I would start with a little water first.
  • Thanks, I'll do that. BTW, I bought the Flowable Extender just before my recent major surgery with some burning great idea in mind, which they must have accidentally taken out along with the miscreant body parts. It must have been an idea-ectomy, because I cannot for the life of me think why I have this or what I meant to do with it. Can you give me some ideas for using Flowable Extender?
  • Okay then, as soon as I can get my snortleling under control.....

    Maybe you wanted to create some transparency in a project? That is the main reason most folks use the extender - to thin the color without thinning the paint - or maybe you were going to use it as a binder with a powdered pigment like PearlEx? Or perhaps even, (being in a pre-op state of mind) you were contemplating a completely transparent art piece?

  • In favor of complete transparency in government, not so much in art.