Exhaust dye color
  • I am currently using the Jacquard Acid Dye on my fleeces and I have a question about the color molecules. I know that different colors have different size molecules. When I was experimenting with the Periwinkle color I made a boo boo and threw my wet fleece in the pot in two bunches (one right after the other). The first bunch I threw in absorbed blue and the second bunch absorbed purple. Is this because the blue gets into the hair shaft first?

  • Diane,

    It seems most likely that there are going to be differences in the fleeces which created an inclination to absorb one color over the other (Perwinkle is a mix so there will be different colors in that dye)There are several things that could be going on here.
    Are the fleeces the same sort of fiber?
    Were they cleaned in the same way?
    Could be even - are the fleeces from the same or different sheep?
    Let me know - I'm interested to try and figure this out...

  • The fleeces were from two different sheep. Both Cheviot sheep. I was recently told that two fleeces from different sheep will not necessarily dye the same color. I wish I knew how to compensate!