Is there hope?
  • I was tie-dyeing a bunch of shirts this weekend and one that I'd tied into a spiral apparently soaked up a lot more soda ash solution than I anticipated - ALL that was left in my bin of it, and even though I left it a good long while and added some more water, while I was dyeing it I discovered that there was a LOT of fabric inside the folds that was still bone-dry. :(

    I made a bit more solution in a squeeze bottle and got into as many folds as I could with it, dyed the rest, found MORE dry spots, and ended up squeezing dye into the remaining crevices after I'd finished applying dye to the shirt. It's now wrapped in plastic wrap and setting, and I figure it'll be at least 24 hours till I can rinse it and expect anything resembling decent results.

    This hasn't happened before, but it was the last thing I wanted to get done today so I pushed my luck, so I don't know if there's any hope for it. Anyone had the same thing happen and salvage it?

  • Well - it worked!!!! There are still a couple bits of white where nothing went all the way into the fabric, but we're talking TINY bits, not big chunks. WHEW!!!!