Washing shirts after you dye
  • Hey,

    I was wondering what the best thing is to do with shirts after you dye them. I have been told they need to be washed before they should be worn, but should I use detergent, hot or cold water, and what's the best way to dry?


  • Washing out the excess dye after dyeing is straightforward, assuming that you have used a fiber reactive dye such as Procion MX dye. You should allow the dye to react with the fabric and soda ash overnight or longer. After this, you can toss all the shirts together in a single washing machine load (or as many as will fit, typically 5 to 8 pounds dry weight before dyeing). Wash once in cool water (without detergent) and then twice in the hottest water available, 140°F or higher (with detergent).

    If you have Synthrapol detergent, it is okay to add it to the first washing, as well, but do not use ordinary laundry detergent until after you have completed the first rinse.

    It doesn't matter how you dry your tie-dyed clothes. Line-dry or tumble dry, whatever your usual laundry procedure is.