Fixing Deep Purple
  • I have used Deep Purple before and never have gotten it to come out the way I want. I saw another message in the forums with someone who had a similar problem.

    I want to add something to the Deep Purple I have on hand to make it come out as more of a blue violet.

    Any suggestions for what to mix with Deep Purple to get a darker richer color are appreciated.


    I ditched deep purple and swapped it for medium blue. I am going to try mixing fuschia with medium blue and hope that it works.
  • I'm no expert but I've never gotten deep purple to work either. I used it when it was 85 degrees and let it set for 24 hrs.

    I just ordered some imperial purple from Dharma. It's really dark and I hope it washes out to be deep purple. Good luck and I hope it turns out.
  • Purple is an easy color to mix from the basics. All you need to make a purple into more of a blue-violet is, of course, to add more blue to it.

    For a nice rich purple, mix fuchsia (red MX-8B) or magenta (red MX-5B) with half turquoise and half of some navy blue, such as cobalt blue.

    My favorite navy blue mixture is a combination of reactive blue 9 (navy blue MX-3R) with a little magenta, which Jacquard sells as their navy 078. Add a little more magenta to it to get a deep, dark purple.

    For the very brightest purple, mix fuchsia or magenta with turquoise, which is the clearest of all of the blues. (For a bright red-violet, use more fuchsia or magenta; for a bright blue-violet, use more turquoise.)

    In most cases, I prefer to buy the basic single-hue unmixed Procion MX dyes for mixing: 004 lemon yellow, 010 bright golden yellow, 020 brilliant orange, 016 rust orange, 034 magenta, 040 fuchsia, 231 violet, 072 medium blue, 232 bright blue (if it's still available!), 070 cerulean blue, 076 cobalt, and 068 turquoise. You can mix ANY color if you have all of these! These are the numbers from my table of Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures?, on which the Jacquard Products colors are listed under the column "Rupert, Gibbon, & Spider". Navy 078 is an exception, though, as it contains a navy blue I like that is otherwise hard to find. 128 warm black is the other exception, because it's a pain to mix black, and it's so easy to buy.

  • Thank you for all of your helpful advice.

    I made a purple I like mixing two parts medium blue and one part carmine red. It is a very dark purple, and exactly what I was looking for. I am in the process of testing it on a shirt right now to validate the results!

    I am going to be making spiral tie dyes for my daughter's class. (26 shirts). The colors will be this dark blue-purple, turquoise and fuschia.

    I had a thought to tie up the shirts, then make an X with fuschia leaving four quadrants or pie pieces. I would alternate turquoise and purple in the quadrants.

    Does this sound like it will work? Please let me know if you see any problems with this plan!

  • Sounds like a very good plan.