silk skirt
  • Hi, I have just purchased my 1st acid dye for my favourite skirt which, unfortunately, my boyfriend left a food mark on the 1st time I wore it. I tried to sponge it off but some of the original dye must have wiped off so there is now a grey patch on the bum and the rest is black.
    Does anyone know if the skirt will shrink when I bring it to boiling point in a pot on the stove(I can't do it in the washing machine as my door will not open once there is water inside).
    Also, I am hoping the dye will not affect the lovely mother-of -pearl buttons on the front?
    The skirt was very expensive so I am very anxious not to ruin it any further.
    Many thanks if anyone can help!
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately the skirt could shrink but there is no way of knowing if it is preshrunk or not. The acid dyed could also dye the buttons. And to add some further bad news the washing machine instruction are really for top loading washers common in the US but not in Europe. So I would use the stove top method and remove the buttons first.