substitute for burgundy acid dye?
  • Hello:

    I'm a new member of this forum. I found my way here because I just realized that I need some burgundy silk dye but am almost completely out, and I don't have time to order in some more for a project I must complete tomorrow.

    Can anyone suggest some mixtures of other jacquard acid dyes that might come close to burgundy? Colors I have include scarlet, crimson, fire red, russet, purple, pink, brown, several blues.

    I was thinking that my best bet would probably the crimson red with a little purple, pink and brown added?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
  • Hi,
    Your combination could work but I would do a test and steam the colors as acid dyes are not pigments and don't qiute mix the way a paint does.
    Here is a link to our colorchart and technical info etc that does include mixing instructions.