Trying the new Tee Juice Markers on Denim?
  • I know, I know. In the Gallery pages [and aren't they simply beautiful?!] they show the new Tee Juice Markers successfully applied to denim - showing deep, bright colors. But, it just seems too good to be true. I know I shouldn't be looking for the "bad" side of things, but has anyone reading this forum tried the markers on blue denim? Were they really as spectacular as they look? Sorry to be negative, I just don't want to get my hopes up... And they're getting up there, really, really high!!

  • Hi Barb,

    I've played with the TeeJuice on denim and have been satisified with the results. The colors are definitly affected by the color below them as they are transparent but I was able to get nice color when i used them on older faded denim.
    Have you been to the TeeJuice web site? Lots of folks using the TeeJuice pens on many different fabric types!