Dye-na-flow and resists
  • Hello! I have just begun using Dye-na-flow paints with the gutta resists. I am trying to get different colors of paint to lay next to each other, without bleeding and blending together... so I layed the resist down where I wanted colors blocked off. However, this leaves the fabric completely bare where the resist was... how do I get the paint to lay cleanly right next to each other?

    Should I paint one color with the resist, set it, remove the resist, then apply a new resist over the edge of the first color? Any help is appreciated!

    I should note that I really don't want to use heavy fabric paints, since part of the projected need to use the same set of colors in a totally blended portion, and then others in a clean, unblended portion. Thanks again!
  • Hi,

    There a few ways that you can acheive this. One is to add NoFlow. This is a thickener that you add to the paint that is then washed out after setting the color.

    The other is to paint the Fabric with the NoFlow let it dry and then paint the colors. The NoFlow acts like a thickener or size for the silk. Dyenaflow will in itself act as a resist. Try this first on a spare peice of fabric. Paint the first color and let it dry completely then paint the second color next to it stopping with your brush about 1/4 of an inch away from the first color. Alow the second color to flow up to the first.

    Lastly use a colored resist we have about 8 different colored waterbased resist available.

  • Thank you so much for the quick reply! I purchased the NoFlow, and will try it this evening! Thanks again!