dying white jacket black
  • i have a white sturdy cotton jacket with light color synthetic lining that i'd like to dye black. which dye do you recommend? any potential pitfalls cautions? i'm figuring i'll need to use cold or warm water so prevent shrinking jacket. and i presume i'd use my top loading washing machine. is a kit best? THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  • Is it washable? If a jacket with a lining is marked "dry clean only", it can't be dyed, because the lining will not shrink as much as the outside, so the shape will be ruined. This can happen even in cold water. If the jacket is washable, though, there will be no problem with dyeing it, using a cool water dye, and then washing it several times according to the care instructions on the label. Prewash it first, with detergent (or Synthrapol) and extra soda ash, in the hottest water it can tolerate, to remove any now-invisible stains that can interfere with dyeing.

    If the jacket is washable, dye it in the top-loading washing machine with Procion MX dye, salt, and soda ash, closely following a published recipe for this dye. (There's an overview of how to dye in the washing machine on my site.)

  • thank you for replying to my post. the cleaning instructions for the jacket say dry clean, but i recently washed the coat in cool water and it didn't shrink. so maybe i'll give it a try!

    thanks again for your help. jenna
  • Another thing - the lining will stay its current color, or at most be lightly stained.