• Hi,
    This is my first time using Jacquard paints and have a few questions/problems. First: how thin should the paint be? Mine seems very runny. Second: because the paint is so thin and slick, I am having trouble rolling it up using a brayer (I think it's rubber - just a standard one from SpeedBall). The brayer just slides across the paint and doesn't roll. Then if I can get it onto the brayer, it does the same thing on the block (I am using blocks created using Speedy Stamp). Third: I tried Lumiere. I finally got it on the block, but when I printed it, the result looked like I used a clear medium with sparkles in it and left all the pigment on the block.
  • Hi there,

    Is it just the Lumiere you've used? The product best suited for the project you are describing would be the Jacquard Screen Ink - there are several metallics which should serve your purpose.

  • We've only used one of the Lumiere paints (Super Sparkle). Mostly, we are trying the Textile Colors and Neopaque in black. But those are thin and practically slimy when we go to ink up. The only one that has not been thin is the white. But it was only the Lumiere that had the problem of separating when we pressed it to the shirt after rolling up the block.

    Why are the screen inks recommended for the block printing? Aren't the textile colors intended for stamping (which basically what we are doing - block printing with big rubber stamps).
  • Hi,
    It is the consistancy and open time before drying of the screen inks that make them most suitable for block printing. The lumiere and textile colors can be used to stamp or print small areas as well. But the screen inks offer the best results.
  • I too am having trouble getting the ink on the fabric using speedy carve blocks particularly using the Lumiere on dark fabric. I usually get an almost negative print (thick ink on the edges, little ink on the actual stamp). When using the screen print ink are there differences in application to the stamp (brayer or brush)? Also, you mentioned the set up time is longer. Approximately how much longer? WOuld this allow one to paint different colors on one block using a brush?