Idye Poly 452
  • I have a Grinch costume I am working on, and It's almost complete. Unfortunately the mask I bought is a medium green, and the costume fabric is 100% polyester Lime Green.

    I purchased a iDye Poly (with intensifier) and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks before I start dying the costume.

    I was going to test on a piece of scrap fabric first (Left from the fabric trimmings), but will the dye still be good if I start with scrap, get the color I want, and then do the costume?
  • Hi Alpha,

    Because you are starting with a green fabric I would suggest using less than the whole packet (so about 1/2 the amount you were planning to use based on weight). And I recommend dissolving the entire packet in about a quart of hot water and measuring from the solution rather than trying to measure the powdered dye from the packet.
    It's nearly impossible to remove the dye from polyester (short of bleaching) and you can always overdye if the color isn't deep enough.

    hope this helps
  • Thank you Annette, That's a good starting point.

    Would you also recommend still boiling it for 1/2 hour?

    If I pull the fabric out during the process is that the color it will stay, or will it fade after washing?
  • yes, I would recommend boiling for the full amount of time - that helps ensure that the dyes have sufficiently penetrated the fibers.