Question on Safety and General Handling (breathing/ventilation etc.)
  • Hi,

    I just started using Pearl Ex and I love what it can do. I saw the warning on the bottles marked, "Avoid breathing dust. Use only with adequate ventilation."

    Can you tell me what the best ways of handling and using pearl Ex as relates to the above? I've seen some things online that say to use a mask to avoid inhaling dust. I'm just using it for oil paint and water color paint (in tubes).

  • Hi,
    These are general precautions for use with any powdered substance. Pearl-ex is mica pigment and is present in makeup and other household products. However, as an artist or crafter you can be exposed to elevated levels of these chemicals substances over your lifetime or career and should exercise good health and safety practises at all times. If you need MSDS info or more detailed information please call 1800 442 0455 and ask customer service for that.