acid dyes for wool roving--tints of blue
  • Hi. I’m quite new to dying. I’ve dyed a few skeins of single-color yarn with supervision, and experimented with some hand-painted roving last summer. The handpaint was fun, made nice socks, but nothing spectacular.

    I have this idea that I would like to dye a roving with a variety of tints of a cool blue, starting pretty dark, with maybe two shades going lighter, then some natural white. I like to do the fractal stripe spinning technique that I read about in Spin-Off magazine, and I thought it might look pretty in a variety of blues.

    Here are my questions:

    I bought the dye starter kit from Knitpicks (Jacquard acid dyes). I have Sky Blue and Sapphire Blue. Can anyone tell me which one is the cool blue? Supposedly, according to Knitpicks, one is warm and one is cool.

    How do I go about making my tints? Can I just make the first one full strength, then water it down a third, and then a third again? Or should I use 3 separate blue dyes?

    Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.