Dying Jeans
  • I have a pair of 98% cotton and 2% spandex jeans that are faded more than I would like that I want to dye. I don't want to make the color a whole lot darker, I just want to tone down the fading a little bit. What type of dye should I use, RIT or Procion MX? And what color should I use? The denim is already a standard denim blue color, and I want it to be a little darker and without as much fading on the seat and lap areas. Need some advice on this topic.
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  • The Procion MX is a good choice for your pants even with the small percentage of spandex - especially as you aren't going for a deep dark blue. You'll find full instructions here.

    As for color - as it is such a tricky and personal decision we generally don't try to make those suggestions - the color chart is here. That being said if it were me I'd start with the #079 Midnight Blue or the #072 Medium Blue.
    and one more note - you'll want to keep in mind that the lighter areas of your pants (the seat and lap areas) will remain lighter than the rest of the pants even after you dye them.