What is this?
  • i can not know what is this?
    i made mix with purewater and aciddye in bottle. i saw this 1 month later .is it blight? how can i stymie this? with chlorine? thanks for answer.
  • I've seen instructions for various brands and types of acid dye saying that you can just strain the mold out of the dye and (optionally) heat the dye solution to boiling, after which the remainder of the dye will still be good for dyeing. This seems surprising to me, but it's based on many dyers' experiences with different acid dyes.

    Don't use chlorine (hypochlorite) as a preservative, as it is very effective at destroying the color of the dye molecules.

    The best way to slow mold growth is refrigeration. Be sure to allow any dyes you refrigerate to return to room temperature before use, and shake or stir to dissolve any dye that has come out of solution at the cooler temperatures. Heat if necessary to get the dye to fully dissolve. (It is okay to heat acid dyes, though never fiber reactive dyes.)

    A good choice for an antifungal preservative might be sorbic acid or potassium sorbate, a harmless food additive: you would use about 20 milligrams per 100 milliliters of dye stock. That's just a guess, though, as I've never seen instructions to do this.

  • Thank you for valuable answers.i will try this logical,good and valuable suggestions.Thanks again.