Spots on cotton blouse
  • I started with a white cotton blouse that accidently got dark blue acrylic paint brushed against the sleeve. Dry cleaners could not get all the color from where the paint was. I used turquoise Procion MX dye, with 2 cups of salt, stirred for 20 minutes, added and mixed 1/4 cup soda ash. I ended with lighter spots over the entire blouse. Trying to correct, I dyed with aqua marine and ended with spots of turquoise showing. I have again dyed and still have spots of turquoise showing. Help-I am just trying to save the blouse which I have worn just twice. Point of information-the spots are not where the acrylic paint was. Thanks. Art Teacher
  • Hi,
    Sometimes it could be imperfections in the fabric, something that was spilt on the fabric or naturally occuring oils that prevent the dye from taking there. You may need to our use dye remover and strip the color out of the blouse. if the fabric will bare this you should boil it in Soda ash and Synthrapol detergent to thoroughly clean it and start again. The spotting isn't caused by the dye unfortuantely. Also use bottled water or clagon in the dye bath if possible.