Mixing Pearl Ex Powders
  • I teach a rubber stamping class and I want to show my ladies how to use Pearl Ex powders as several have purchased them and do not know how to use them (myself included). We will be using them to paint in a stamped image and I found mixing directions here which say to mix with gum arabic and water. As I was "playing" with the powders, I used a water brush and picked up some of the powder with the brush and painted it on. It turned out great. I tried the same thing with a blending pen and also had great results. So after all that, my question is can I teach this technique to my class or is there a reason it has to be mixed with gum arabic? Thanks for any help.
  • Hi there,

    The gum arabic will give you more permanance - brushing the dry Pearl Ex powder on to a surface will work, but unless you use some medium to create some sort of bonding it is prone to smearing. When mixed with the gum arabic and a bit of water the Pearl Ex will be more permanent. This method works best for projects that will not be subject to future washings or excess moisture.
  • Thank you so much for your reply. I did find out the hard way that it is not permanent just mixed with water. But it did seem to work alright when I sprayed it with a workable fixative like you would on a chalk picture. My stamp club ladies really enjoyed working with Pearl Ex and are now experimenting on their own.