Dyeing canvas drop cloth
  • I have a metal 10 x 10" gazebo that had a nylon canopy that had gotten mildew. Someone suggested pressure washing. Wrong move
    it ripped. I bought a 12'x 15'canvas drop cloth. Using old canopy for a pattern. No way can this drop cloth go in my washing machine before dyeing.
    What would be the best dye or paint to use on before sewing it together.Will the dye shrink it. I can oversize the sections. After dyeing or painting will a couple coats of poly protect it from the elements.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Hi,
    If you can't get it into a machine and the sections are too big to dye in a pan I would suggest painting it. MX dye will work on cotton well.
  • i saw the instructions on this site on how to paint a canvas beach chair. Do you think it would work on the huge canopy l
    I have to make.

    This will be outside 24/7. If I put a couple coats of exterior poly will the paint crack.I would like to be able just to hose it off. This is florida so no chance of snow. I am making it in 4 sections with grommets and rope holding it on to the metal canopy.Just in case of hurricane for easy removal.

    Thanks for the previous info. And any more suggestions.