Disburse Dying flat surface microfiber?
  • I need to dye polyester microfiber bonded to one side of Coroplast Copolymer Polypropylene sheets. (Like milk jug plastic.) The sheets are from 4 to 12 mil thick, 48" X 96". I'd rather not have to dip or sink an entire sheet in some form of vat or tray. I'd like to use a sprayer or brush if that's possible. Also I heard something about disburse dyes coming in crayon form? Can you use the crayons on a sheet for patterns of one or more colors, and then apply a overall coat to the rest of the sheet? Thanks.
  • Dear SRH,

    Thanks for your question.
    Because of the nature of disperse dyes (and polyester) heat is a requirement for the process of dyeing polyester.
    One can use our disperse dyes for sublimation which would allow you to create patterns and/or add multiple colors to a sheet, but again heat is necessary. This link will take you to a video that shows the sublimation process:

    hope this helps