Batiking with Procion MX
  • Hi,

    I just have a few questions.

    1. What is the proper way to proceed after immersing my fabrics? Do I let them sit in a bag over night or is it okay to rinse them immediately? How well do I need to rinse them before drying for another round of batiking?

    2. What is the best way to remove wax?
  • good morning,

    The answer to your question about the dyeing/rinsing process depends on just what method of dyeing you are using. If you are presoaking the fabric in the soda ash fixative and then applying dye you will need to let it sit for 12 to 24 hours (in a bag). If you are using a full or low water immersion method in which you immerse the fabric into the dye bath and then add the soda ash to the dye bath you need only let it sit for about an hour total. (20 mins prior to soda ash + 40 to 60 mins after) You will find complete instructions here. The rinsing issue ties to your dye method as well...if you are immersing you'll want to rinse to pretty clear. I'd think if you didn't you'd get some cross contamination of color. If you are direct dyeing (as with tie dying) it may not be such an issue.
    As for the best method of wax removal - you can iron the wax out - fabric laid between sheets of old newpaper or papertowels with the iron at its highest heat. You can also boil the fabric (if the type of fabric allows). Another method is to take it to your local dry cleaners and ask if they can remove wax...and then let them do the job for you! (my fave)
    Hope this answers your questions.
  • Hi,

    Just a few more questions.

    1. Should I remove the wax before the final wash?

    2. Is it okay to do the final wash with more than one color of fabric (using synthropol)?

    3. What temperature should I do my final wash?

  • Hey again,

    It is a good idea to do your final wash in very warm/hot water and because of that you'd probably want to remove at least the bulk of the wax out of the piece, especially if you are using your washing machine. I generally rinse very well with water as warm as I can stand it - iron out the better part of the wax and then send it off to the drycleaners. When it gets back I then run it through the washer with hot water and Synthropol (just to be on the safe side).
    And yes, you can mix multiple pieces in the washer for the final wash. The method I like is to fill the tub with hot water & Synthropol and when it begins to agitate add the dyed pieces.
    (of course, now that i no longer own a top loader i've discovered that it works just fine to put the pieces in the washer, add the Synthropol & start the machine - but it was hard for me to give up the 'safety' of that full tub of water)

    happy new year!