Achieving this 3 colour effect.
  • How would i achieve this effect?

  • The blue and black look sprayed on, like airbrushing,
    or sprayed on with a spray bottle. The red looks like sleeve was pushed together so there would be white areas and red applied here and there.
    Buy some cheap t-shirts (the kind in a package) from Wal-Mart, and experiment!
  • Hi Nils,

    The multiple colors on this hoodie do look like they were sprayed on - I'd guess a spray bottle as there are larger dots of color. This could be done with Procion MX dye so long as your shirt is 100% cotton or other natural fabric.
    I suspect the white spots of color were made with a paint - again - probably using a spray bottle. Our Neopaque white would work well in this application.

    Also, my apologies for the delayed response - it looks like I'd started a response that ended up in my drafts!

  • That is an extremely ugly sweatshirt! Im sure even if you get a bunch of kids to spray colors on it theyll do a better job! LOL- good luck- !