Trouble rinsing green after microwave steaming
  • Hello--

    I regularly steam silk scarves in the microwave and generally have pretty good success setting the dyes (I use the powdered acid dyes). I've found emerald, however, to be absolutely horrible to rinse. Generally the excess color on most scarves comes out with some rinsing, a synthropol bath, then a final rinse or two. With the green, however, I can rinse for 30 minutes or more on a large piece and still never get it to run clean.

    Do you have any tips for setting the emerald acid dye? I love the look of the dye and it sells well, but rinsing it is so time consuming that I don't use it often.

    Is there perhaps a correlation between steam time and colorfastness? (ie:if it bleeds excessively it needs more time in the microwave?"

    Thank you for any help!
  • Hi K,

    Thanks for your question.
    A couple things come to mind; have you played with the concentration of the Emerald Green - perhaps the recipe you use for most your dyes is too strong for the Emerald? I also think you might be onto something with the steam time question.
    I'm going to run this by the chemist, I'm sure he'll have some suggestions, and get back to you, probably Monday.

  • Hi K
    Iam a beginner.
    Could you please share you process of microwave steaming the silk? It would be great to be able to microwave steam instead of conventional methods.
  • Hi K,

    Well - it's a Monday, just not the one I had in mind when I last wrote to you...please accept my apology for the delayed response...
    I did speak to the chemist and he indicated that the Emerald Green is a bit of a snarky color. He suggested using our iDye Fixative with that color. Steam, rinse a bit, then immerse piece into a solution of the Fixative and water. That should take care of your problem.