paint tearing problems when marbling silk
  • I am using Jacquard textile paints for marbling silk. I am having a problem with the paint tearing and leaving open holes with no color. It happens quickly and sometimes even on new size. I am using methocel for my size. I notice it mostly with my blues.
    For example, I will lay down some pink and it spreads nicely them I put down some sapphire blue, both mixed with the same amount of water and as soon as the blue goes down it starts to tear. I can then no longer add any new color on top of that. The torn spot acts as a clear color.
    Is there a solution for this?
    Between applications I clean my size with newsprint, but again with blues and some shades of green it can happen on new size.
  • HI Joletta,

    Thanks for your question.
    I'm going to talk to a couple of folks here that have more experience with marbling before I try to address this problem you are having...I should have an answer (or more questions) by tomorrow.

  • Thank you
  • Hi Joletta,

    Here's what the chemist had to say:

    OK, this is classic “fish eye.” This happens when the paint does not consider the substrate to have been wetted out enough. I know that seems odd to say, given what it is sitting on, but basically the paint likes itself more than what it is sitting on. While the Textile Colors are not the first recommendation for marbling as you are using it you should toy with dilution ratios – water to paint. You could also try adding a drop of dish soap. The other thing you might try, and this is a reach, is to add a bit of alcohol to the paint. This will lower surface tension, and possibly give you a fix.

    hope this helps