Anyway to die nylon in cold water???
  • Hi, I need to dye a pair of overalls that are 100% nylon. The tag says wash in cold water and hang to dry. Is there anyway to dye these?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Nylon can be dyed with acid dyes or with disperse dyes , but both of these require very hot water.

    The only cold-water option is to use fabric paints, instead, such as Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow. Using fabric paints as a substitute for dyes is called pigment dyeing. See Fabric Paints: a different way to color fibers.

    Your nylon will do well at accepting dye or paint only if it is free of surface finishes, such as permanent press or stain-resistant finishes.

  • Thank for the advice. What happens if I put nylon in very hot water (the label says cold only)? Will it ruin the garment or just not dye evenly?
  • Very hot water will dye nylon better—nylon does not dye at all well in cool water—but it might ruin your garment, if the care label is accurate.