unwanted scaly look with indigo
  • hi -- i have been dying 100% cotton in pre-reduced indigo and instead of a nice even blue, i am getting....a scaly look. any ideas what is happening?
  • Hi CKC,

    Are you moving the flower off the top of the vat before you immerse your fabric?

  • I'm not sure what I get is "scaly" but I am getting more than the color. Every batch I've done I get that extra what I call "texture." On some of the pieces I love it, but on the last shirt it was just all over the place. I do remove the flower off of the vat. Can anyone shed light on my problem? Thanks.
  • Hi Lynda,

    Thanks for your question.
    Is your texture iridescent? Does it rinse off after oxidizing the fabric? Are you holding the fabric completely under the surface of the dye during immersion?
    Can you describe your 'texture' a little more?